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Wednesday, Jan 27, 2021

Erdogan’s deputy freezes on stage during speech (VIDEO)

Footage has emerged showing staff rushing to attend Turkey’s Vice President after the politician’s health appeared to take a turn for the worst during a televised speech.
There was concern for the health of Turkey’s Vice President, Fuak Oktay, on Monday after he appeared to slur his words during a speech, before pausing for 13 seconds.

In the videos published online, colleagues can be seen approaching the frozen Oktay before the VP starts speaking again.
It quickly becomes clear that he wasn’t pausing for thought and after a few more slurred words, Oktay’s staff give him a steadying arm and the stage lights are turned off.

Broadcaster CNN Turk reported that Oktay was taken to a medical center and tests showed his blood pressure to be low. He later returned to the hall to thank attendees.

“As far as our doctors say, I think it was a minor discomfort due to insomnia and fatigue. Thank you for your understanding,” he added.

Oktay was speaking at the opening sessions of “Cyber Security Week,” which is being held at the presidential complex in Ankara.

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David Graeber, Bullshit Jobs: A Theory
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