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Friday, May 27, 2022

End of road for two more pan-dem outlets

Two more pro-democracy online media outlets have announced that they will shut down their news branches, citing "a change in the social atmosphere."
Dare Media HK announced yesterday that it will suspend its operation of online programs and vox-pop interviews. Another media outlet Polymer announced it will close from midnight today.

This comes within two weeks of media outlets Stand News, Citizen News and Mad Dog Daily announcing their closures.

Dare Media HK, which was active in broadcasting footage of the social unrest in 2020, announced on its Facebook page yesterday that it will suspend conducting online programs, street interviews and livestreams.

It added that videos related to the above that are available to watch on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube will be taken down within a few days.

Without revealing which media outlets, Dare Media HK wrote on its Facebook page that it felt "helpless" and strongly condemned reporters from various outlets for conducting false reporting about its company and searching its warehouse.

It continues: "[Reporters] have searched for evidence in our warehouse based on the information on the company registry. Reporters also allegedly contacted shareholders of companies owned by our founder. We felt helpless and strongly condemn the above methods and actions that disrupt people irrelevant [to Dare Media HK]!""

It added that it will continue to hold pop-up markets, promote local culture and create products.

Polymer, an online media outlet that has published commentary pieces and articles on current affairs and entertainment since 2013, announced on Wednesday that it will cease to operate its social media and website today.

Its editorial team will also be disbanded.

Polymer explained on Facebook: "After many mainstream media and online media outlets stopped operating, it shows that all media workers would feel like they have become 'war correspondents' as safety is not granted when reporting and writing commentary."

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