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Friday, Sep 24, 2021

Electoral changes to put back democracy on right track, says Andrew Leung

Electoral changes to put back democracy on right track, says Andrew Leung

Electoral changes in Hong Kong is a move to put the city’s democracy back on “the right track,” Legco President Andrew Leung Kwan-yuen.
Leung told a radio program today that disorder has emerged since the fifth Legislative Council, and the situation worsened in the current term.

“The chaos is like a pendulum that has flexed to an extreme point, everything has to return to the middle. Meetings were paralyzed with frequent filibustering at that time, some members even dropped stools in the chamber just to obstruct others to pass a relatively mild law,” he said.

Leung added some lawmakers raised their objections simply “for the sake of doing it,” and they targeted not only the SAR government but also Beijing.

“Our democracy [path] has been derailed, and the central government is trying to direct the train back onto the track so that we can move forward. If the train is moving despite a derailment, it will only end up in destructions and fatalities.”

He said he expected the Legco to be more democratic after the overhaul as the SAR holds a diverse political spectrum, and oppositions still exist in the current legislature despite the absence of “dissidents.”

The Legco is expected to scrutinize bills on electoral changes proposed by the National people’s Congress Standing Committee next Wednesday, which will include amendments to annexes of the Basic Law.

The legal changes will cover how the constituency boundaries are set for Legco's directly elected seats, establishing a vetting committee to decide who is eligible to run in elections, as well as nomination and voting methods.

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