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Thursday, Oct 28, 2021

Eighteen kinds of cheese found high in fat and sodium: Consumer Council

The Consumer Council examined 40 kinds of cheese and found out that 18 samples tested are high in fat and sodium.
The council also found that over 70 percent of samples tested are high in fat, while over 60 percent of samples tested are high in sodium.

Results also showed that Etoki Reserve Le Fromage Basque Sheep's Milk Cheese purchased in city’super contains the highest amount of fat, with 37.7 gram of fat per 100 gram.

Data revealed that Pata Negra House Parmigiano Reggiano 14 months, purchased in Yata supermarket contains the highest amount of trans fat, with 1.9 gram trans fat per 100 gram. By having 20g of the cheese, an adult will obtain 0.5g of trans fatty acid, which is 23 percent of the recommended daily intake by World Health Organization.

Anlene High Calcium Reduced Fat Processed Cheese was found to have the highest amount in sodium, containing 1.66 gram of sodium per 100 gram.

By consuming a slice of cheese an adult would obtain 0.345g sodium, which would be around 17 percent of recommended daily intake of 2,000 kilocalorie.

Yet this cheese produced by Anlene contains the highest amount in calcium, with 2.93g of calcium per 100g. An adult would obtain 0.609g of calcium when consuming a slice that weighs 20.8g, about 76 percent of recommended daily intake.

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