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Friday, Sep 24, 2021

Durian bummer

Durian bummer

The summer season of May to August usually provides the best conditions for harvesting good durian, but this seems not to be the case for a woman who bought home an “empty” durian.
Imagine after all the effort prying open the durian, carefully avoiding its spikes, just to find out there were little or even no durian flesh inside? That is exactly the case a woman in Hong Kong encountered.

A woman shared a photo on a Facebook group on Monday, which shows that a durian she bought only contains five tiny bits of flesh inside, which she was seriously “triggered” by what she found.

Some netizens showed sympathy and said it was really rare seeing a durian like this, while some joined in for the teasing.

“You should consider yourself lucky! Not needing to keep fit after having the whole durian for yourself!” one commented.

Another netizen also said it would be much easier for the woman to enjoy the fruit given the flesh is small in size.

Meanwhile, some durian “experts” said it would be better for her not to buy durian long and thin in size, which usually contains little durian flesh.

“Next time try buying those durians with bulging sides and strong aroma, indicating the seeds are fleshy and the durian being riped,” a netizen wrote.

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