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Saturday, Oct 31, 2020

Dem Rep. Meeks: Trump Turning America into North Korea with Feds Taking Protesters off the Street

Sunday on MSNBC, Rep. Gregory Meeks said President Donald Trump using federal agents to remove protesters in Portland, OR is something that would happen in North Korea.
Host Alex Witt said, “To the battle in Portland, Oregon where anonymous militarized federal agents have been squaring off with protesters as you watch what is unfolding, what is your opinion and do you think it is an abuse of power?”

Meeks said, “My reaction is this the United States of America? This is the same kind of thing that I guess this president wants to go along with his good friends as he says, Vladimir Putin and Russia, something that you would think would take place there, or Kim Jong-un in North Korea something that would take place there. This is how they govern and operate, and I hoped we moved far past that. I heard the mayor of Portland talk long ago how they have put things under control and what happened by doing this, it is escalating, it is throwing fire on the fuel. So we look at some of the pictures and what is going on, we would be very critical when we saw these tapes as we have in the past take place in Russia and North Korea and now this president wants to be just like his two friends, I guess.”

Oh ya 103 days ago
Protesters march, hold up signs etc. Rioters burn, loot and destroy. We can plainly see what these people are. Is this not a news site about Panama? . News should just be putting news out as a unbiased information source and let the readers decide


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