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Saturday, Sep 25, 2021

Daring man self-mixes vaccine cocktail

Daring man self-mixes vaccine cocktail

A 32-year-old man managed to get himself mixed doses of Covid-19 vaccine by taking one Beijing-made Sinovac jab in between two doses of German-made BioNTech shots, the Department of Health announced yesterday.
The man got his first dose of the Comirnaty vaccine by BioNTech/Fosun at Hiu Kwong Street sports center on March 12.

He was supposed to get his second 21 days later on April 2, but he got a dose of CoronaVac by Sinovac on March 28 without telling a private doctor in Tung Chung operating under the Human Health chain about his first BioNTech jab. Apparently, he feared he would not get the stated protection levels after BionTech jabs were suspended on March 24.

Later that day, the doctor found out about the BioNTech jab through the eHealth system and reported it. The doctor arranged a followup consultation with the man and advised him not to take another vaccination, no matter the brand.

But the department subsequently found he got his second BioNTech jab at a community vaccination center on April 11, again without disclosing his full vaccination history to the center's staffers. "As of now, report of adverse events has not been received," the department said.

The March 24 suspension came after reports of packaging defects in 57 BioNTech vials.

Despite not having an exact resumption date, authorities vowed to continue with BioNTech shots as soon as possible so people can get their second on schedule - 21 days after the first - while reassuring people the 95 percent effective jab would still offer the same level of protection as long as the second is administered within 42 days.

The BioNTech suspension ended on April 5, and more than 30,000 people got their second dose by last week.

Doctors have been told to check vaccination records to prevent a recurrence.

The department also said nine doctors had administered Sinovac jabs to non-Hong Kong residents, who are not entitled to join in the vaccination program. The doctors have been allowed to administer the second doses 28 days after.

Separately, the department announced on Saturday a 63-year-old man was confirmed to have a Covid-19 infection seven days after receiving the second jab of the Sinovac vaccine.

But it said the 50-percent effective vaccine can only generate sufficient protection 14 days after the second dose, as the immune system takes time to develop antibodies.

As of Saturday, 359,900 people have had both doses, 212,700 of the Sinovac vaccine and 147,200 of the BioNTech. Another 697,300 have received one dose, 372,000 Sinovac and 325,300 BioNTech.

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