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Sunday, Jun 13, 2021

Customs seize HK$31 million smuggled goods

Customs seize HK$31 million smuggled goods

Hong Kong Customs seized HK$ 31 million worth of goods on a fishing vessel, and a 43-year-old male owner of the fishing vessel was arrested.
During yesterday's anti-smuggling operation, officers found graphic cards for mining cryptocurrency, electronic products, high-value food, and cosmetics on the fishing vessel, which has been detained for further investigation.

The Divisional Commander (Special Investigation Division)2 of the Syndicate Crimes Investigation Bureau, Cheng Tak-wing, said this case was unique as the smugglers used plain-looking fishing boats to avoid officers' searches.

"The gang utilized the cranes on the fishing vessels to transport a large number of goods, and later transferred them to speedboats to smuggle goods to the mainland," he said.

"They also steered the fishing boat into a crowd of engineering ships and used them in disguise," Cheng added.

Customs officers added that they have busted 22 sea smuggling cases in the first season of the year, nine cases more compared to last year's figure. The total value of goods also increased from HK$56 million to HK$120 million.

Officers said the increase might be caused by the resumption of economic activities in the mainland, which increased its demand for luxury goods.

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