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Wednesday, Apr 14, 2021



John Badmus
Why does the world have to be haunted now?
The world stinks of fear;
This fear is rampaging the hearts of men; Royals and slaves alike.
It is feeding on what is left of our humanity.
Bravery is now a thing of the past, as even the young courage is 6 feet below the surface of the Earth.
The independent are losing their status;
Looking for whom to rely on.
No one is safe anymore.
Bosses are looking to employ more security;
But the Bodyguards are concerned about their own safety.
Countless who were homeless have become hopeless;
The little hope they had has been shredded to pieces and the pieces, burnt to Ashes.
Millions of Dreams have died young;
Thousands could not even see the Light of Day.
Many have come to realise how meaningless life is;
But most people are still being compelled to think it's normal and things should go on the same way as before,
Fools! who believe nothing and live, like wild beasts;
Working just to eat, sleep and wake and do this continually expecting death.
Many have become desperate seeing now that what they have to do is feed to survive.
Meanwhile, this has instigated an even greater fear in the hearts of the Weak; those who have worked their asses to gather all that they had,
Only for it all to vanish into the hands of the Men of the underworld.
The hearts of men are bleeding but also pleading;
Where have we gone wrong?! What have we done wrong?!
It doesn't have to be like this...
When did we behave like bastards and insult the Almighty?!
Tell us so we may know and mourn for our sins and that He may forgive us.
So The Almighty God, Owner of the Universe could return to us the order..
'The order of the universe'
How could we start a decade in such a burnt, sick and painful way?!
With nothing or little to rejoice about and so much to be sorrowful about.
But then the All-knowing said don't be an ingrate;
It doesn't end well for them.
Learn from the ancient Israel, they have so much to tell you.
Alright... But look at it closely and look at it very well;
It's like a cursed Decade with nothing going well.. Nothing!
It all started with an outbreak of Fire;
Killing hundreds, roasting them in their abodes like 'Suya'.
We all thought 'Avatar, the Firebender' had gotten angry again and is venting his anger upon us.
Bushes would suddenly get ignited;
Markets before the day breaks, would have been reduced to Nothing, displaying Ashes as its products and wares;
Just a phone call next to the gas stove,
And the House would explode, being converted instantly into an abode of the Dead and a potential tomb!
Sorrow, became the guest Mood of the period.
The result of the Weather Forecast was Black Clouds,
accommodating the Flames of this raging fire,
consuming us all, bit by bit.
Harmattan was again accused of being the culprit;
It faded though with the rising summer.
Whereas, unknown to us another disaster had hit the World hard!
A Storm of Virus! You ask Virus? Storm?
Yeah Virus! Coronavirus! An unexpected virus;
A virus with no respect, dignity, mercy and cure.
Like the Zombie Invasion in the 'World War',
It invaded and engaged all continents of the world in a large fatal Warfare, without declaring war,
Leaving no chance for amicable settlement.
A pandemic of disastrous, deadly plague affecting people in their millions and bringing hundreds of thousands to the doorstep of their death,
Making them leave this world totally unprepared and many at a very young age.
Causing so many to cross the death door every minute like it's a bird flu disease!
Now people are so scared wanting to hide from the 'Lungs Battling Virus,' with the potential to block the Airways and make breathing so difficult that death would be seen as the only way to go.
The rich and the poor, the strong and the weak,
the old and the Young, the common and the famous;
All engulfed with this common enemy called Fear;
All praying even without Faith strong enough to send forth the prayer.
Developed countries holding more of the victims than the developing ones.
All activities of Production, Processing and Devotion halted;
Social interaction, physically and emotionally, without a mask or glove has become forbidden!
Just a little symptom as described by Healthcare Providers, like cough and everyone will be panicking.
Restrictions have been developed,
Lockdown has been ordered,
but then this led to another problem amidst all of these.
As it became a period of famine and scarcity, even in a time of plenty and abundance.
The low class not being able to survive except by exploiting and burgling the properties of the Mediocre and some high-class remaining rich and getting wealthier using the situation to their advantage,
while others donate so much to help contain the situation.
But above all, the death count rising abnormally at an alarming rate and no one is safe anymore.
Is this really the end?
The World has to rise up as one and plead with The Almighty God, Owner of the Universe to return to us the order..
'The Order of the universe'
It doesn't have to be like this, really...
It doesn't have to be like this.

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