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Friday, Oct 29, 2021

Cops pull guns when arresting car thieves in Tsuen Wan

Three cops once pulled guns when arresting three thieves who stole a truck and crashed two police vehicle as they tried to make their escape last night in Tsuen Wan.
Officers received reports around 11pm last night from a staffer of a car rental company, saying he found a truck at Primrose Hill on Kwok Shui Road in Tsuen Wan, which had gone missing since Wednesday.

Police then arrived at the scene and parked by the gate of that residential building, trying to intercept the truck. Yet the truck driver spotted the police and sped up immediately, making way by ramming into a private car and the police vehicle.

The truck only proceeded a short distance before another police vehicle arrived at the scene to assist in the operation. It was forced to stop as it collided head-to-head into the second police vehicle. No one on the truck and police vehicles was wounded.

The three men and a woman on the private car felt unwell after the crash and were sent to Yan Chai Hospital.

As three officers got off the vehicle, they pulled guns and pointed at a man, subduing him on the ground, according to a taxi driver who witnessed the incident. Officers also intercept another man and woman on the truck.

Cops then found a small amount of drug on the truck and mobilized police dogs to the scene. The two men and the woman on the truck were then arrested for car theft and possession of dangerous drug.

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