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Wednesday, Aug 17, 2022

Cop pulls gun after private vehicle drives into police car

Police are searching for the driver of an unlicensed black private car carrying two young girls, after the male driver attempted to ram a police vehicle in a carpark in Hung Hom on Monday night, prompting a officer to draw his guns.
The unlicensed car had driven into the carpark in Peninsula Square on Sung On Street at 3pm Monday, when a security guard of the building found the vehicle without its car plate. He then reported it to police.

Two officers soon arrived in a police vehicle and saw the suspected car on the sixth floor where the driver was parking. But when the officers vehicle approaching the Toyota, the driver immediately reversed the car, ramming the front of the police vehicle.

The impact caused the police car banging onto a parked car, causing a dent on its left door. One of the two officers got out of the car and drew his gun. But the driver did not stop and fled at high speed.

When it drove to the fifth floor, it hit head-on with a minivan that was driving up. It also damaged the entrance gate of the car park during the escape. A female driver of the van and another man were slightly injured and were sent to the hospital for treatment.

Police are in pursuit of the private car involved, and believe a male driver, a female passenger and two girls, appearing to be around six years old, were inside the vehicle.

Separately, a 40-year-old wanted driver was arrested on Sunday night, for six offenses including driving during license suspension, drug driving and drug trafficking after police chased after his swinging vehicle and stopped it in Kai Tak.

Officers seized ketamine, marijuana, and ice worth HK$11,200 in the vehicle. The driver, surnamed Lai, was found to be a wanted person because of an overdue traffic fine.

Officers from East Kowloon Traffic Enforcement and Control Unit found Lai’s vehicle suspicious when they were patrolling near King Hong Street in San Po Kong at 11pm Saturday.

The police chased after Lai’s swinging vehicle, and he was stopped near the Kowloon East Regional Headquarters at Kai Tak.

The 200-pound Lai was found in the car, where he was found driving during disqualification periods after police’s preliminary investigation, and was further found to be a wanted person as he did not settle the traffic fine. Lai failed the rapid drug test.

The police called a detector dog to search the car, but there was no further seizure apart from the HK$11,200 drugs.

Lai was arrested for allegedly involving six offences, including drug driving, drug trafficking, possession of instrument fit for the smoking of dangerous drugs, driving during disqualification periods, found wanted person and driving without third party insurance.

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