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Friday, May 14, 2021

Toronto: Hong Kong immigrant educates local Canadian women

Toronto: Hong Kong immigrant educates local Canadian women

Hong Kong immigrant calls a Canadian woman disgusting for not wearing a mask. The woman spits on him. He pushes woman off of the bus to where she belongs: the street.
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General Butler 200 days ago
Wearing masks does nothing (except condition you to be a good little sheep) and if you had the curiosity to read and investigate beyond your MSM echo chambers you would know that. Spitting on the man was an overreaction to an overreaction. But get used to it. Because the powers behind this psychological operation are not letting up. They will push the fear narrative as long as any of you buy it and allow it. If they succeed, it's curtains for humanity.
Cat 200 days ago
If you spit on someone you get what you get. No sympathy whatsoever.
Q 200 days ago
That should be classed as bioterrorism during a pandemic. Her actions had consequences.
D.A 200 days ago
It was the bus driver’s responsibility to stop the bus when masks was taken off. Thus could have been worse.
MikeM 200 days ago
Absolutely acceptable.

She thought she could act with impunity, that she would not face consequences for her actions.

You break the social contract, someone may just fuck your day up. It's why we have it.
Mimi 200 days ago
He was too nice to her...
Canadian 200 days ago
The gentleman who was spat on shows much more restraint than I would have in that situation.
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