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Sunday, Oct 02, 2022

Kyle Rittenhouse and the failure of the American state

Kyle Rittenhouse and the failure of the American state

Kyle Rittenhouse is innocent. We knew that anyway, but the simple fact of something being true in no way guarantees that the legal system will recognise it. In this case, we are fortunate that law and reality have decided to agree with one another. Kyle Rittenhouse is innocent, but the state remains on trial.
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harleyrider 314 days ago
Why did the snot nosed little idiot show up at a potential riot with a gun in the first place????? Looking for trouble?
IDontKnowYourName 315 days ago
It’s pity that you are so familiar with the right to carry a gun but do not know to understand what you are reading.

Your hate and anger blind your logic.

Yes, I agree that liberals destroy America. As part of this you must agree that whatever is written in the constitution is not relevant anymore. So many rights has been already destroyed, that makes the whole document simply worthless.

If in USA you lost the right to use your pen, you obviously have zero right to use your gun.

So yes. According to the constitution he is not guilty. But as the constitution lost its authority to the army of bureaucrats that occupied USA and destroy its whole idea, he is guilty just as you are guilty for expressing your free speech.

In new USA to expose corruption, war crimes and exercise free press is a crime (Snowden, Assange). So in that new USA Kyle is guilty, because the new court is the liberal fake media, not the Justice system.
YouKnowMyName 315 days ago
Are you a dammed idiot? Persons in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA have a RIGHT to SELF DEFENSE. It's Common Law... if a guy points a gun at Kyle, Kyle has the RIGHT to SHOOT and KILL that person. It's called JUSTIFIABLE HOMICIDE and is NOT a crime. The person's politicizing this (and earlier riots) include prosecutors and the (so called) president. Law Enforcement did not fail during the riots, GOVERNORS, MAYORS and other officials who PREVENTED Law Enforcement from doing it's job failed the people; that's whys so many LEO are quitting. It's LIBERAL BS that is destroying the USA. Maybe you're not an idiot; maybe you know what's really happening and you're mis-reporting it on purpose. In that case, I'm hopeful karma catches you soon.
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