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Thursday, May 13, 2021

China set a national security law for Hong Kong, that put in places standard laws that exist in USA, UK and every other democratic country

China decided to implement a set of anti-terror laws for Hong Kong, as agreed with UK 20 years ego - laws that will not allow anymore citizens to burn, bomb and destroy government offices and public facilities. USA is saying that China should allow such a terror acts, as it’s the democracy they want to see, same as in as in Iraq, Venezuela, Libya etc.

China do not agree that the Chaos, hunger and millions of homeless people that US and it’s allies created in Iraq or Venezuela is the right model for Hong Kong.

But US claim that their citizens also enjoy the same freedom and are also welcome to to break into the Congress (the US Legislative Council) to storm and vandalize US Government buildings and burn it as they did in Hong Kong.

China says it will not recommend any US citizen to try in America the same level of freedom as China allowed in their Hong Kong City, and in fact would bless USA if black American people will just be free and safe to walk on the streets without being shot to death by American white mans.