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Saturday, Jun 25, 2022

Vote... for talents to enter Hong Kong's latest girl group

While Hong Kong voters head to polling stations on Sunday to elect lawmakers, there's another election which they can cast their votes at home while staying as coach potatoes.
ViuTV announced that the top three winners of its reality show Kingmaker IV will be announced on December 25 Christmas Day.

Public votes will have a weighting of 50 percent, while judges' decisions will make up the other half.

Tai Wing, the soon-to-be manager of the girl group, said she hopes the new girl group will consist of 10 people or fewer.

But apart from the top three winners, the rest will be decided by ViuTV. The station will give priority to the candidates who make it to top 20, but may give others a chance too.

“It's a girl group after all. We will consider the candidate's popularity and performance. We won't look at just one aspect but try to make a balance,” she said.

The group will be formed in the beginning of next year, she said.

Marf Yau, a nurse at a vet's clinic, is the most popular among candidates due to her outstanding singing and dancing ability.

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