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Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Carrie Lam and government popularity rise compare to last year

Carrie Lam and government popularity rise compare to last year

Almost half of Hong Kong residents are dissatisfied with the government, though there is a significant drop compared to last April's figures.
Hong Kong Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies at Chinese University surveyed 706 adults from April 21 to 29. 13.5% of respondents expressed satisfaction with the government while 46.8% were dissatisfied. And 38.5% of respondents answered ‘in-between’.

The corresponding figures for April 2021 were 14%, 58.3% and 26.5% respectively.

The survey indicated that Chief Executive Carrie Lam’s performance rating stood at 33.6 on average, close to the 33.3 ratings in January but sees a rise from April 2021, which is only 28.4.

Ratings for the ex-Chief Secretary John Lee, Financial Secretary Paul Chan and Secretary for Justice Teresa Cheng were 34, 42.7 and 26.9 respectively. The corresponding figures in January 2022 were 29.1, 38.7 and 25.1 respectively.

When it comes to trust in the government, 19.7% of the respondents said they trusted the government and 30.8% expressed distrust; 45.2% answered ‘in-between’. The results in January 2022 were 22.0%, 37.4%, and 36.8% respectively.

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