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Thursday, Aug 11, 2022

Cabbie exposes free Covid taxi rides abuser

Cabbie exposes free Covid taxi rides abuser

Ever thought of taking free taxi rides around Hong Kong? For some unscrupulous people in Hong Kong, that thought became a reality, as they used the city’s free Covid taxi ride as their personal transportation.
A cab driver has recently exposed passengers making use of the city’s free Covid patient taxi shuttles to travel around the city.

Authorities had earlier set up a special taxi fleet tasked with transporting Covid patients with mild symptoms to and from designated public clinics. After verifying their mobile phone numbers, patients can reserve the free service by entering their personal information, address, the clinic they’re heading to, and the pick-up date and time.

The driver wrote online that he had previously carried the same passenger for a few consecutive days, noting it was apparent that the passenger was not taking the ride to get checked at the clinic every day.

“If you don’t mind riding on the designated taxis for Covid patients, you could easily get free rides,” the driver said.

He went on and said although he did not lose out on anything by taking these passengers, given the fact that he was provided a HK$3,000 daily allowance by the government for the job, he still finds such behavior unacceptable.

He suggested that the government provide the passengers with designated QR codes for using the services upon every appointment with the clinics.

Netizens also commented on the post, saying the public funds and resources have all gone down the drain, also criticizing authorities’ poor management of the scheme.

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