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Saturday, Jul 24, 2021

Burglar duo ransack girl's home and sexually assaulted her

Burglar duo ransack girl's home and sexually assaulted her

Two daring burglars used the pretext of distributing free masks to lure a 12-year-old girl left home alone into opening her home’s door, after which they ransacked the place -- with one of them sexually assaulting her -- a process which was filmed.
The jobless duo, comprising a 47-year-old man and a 38-year-old woman, were arrested at 7 am today and at 11 pm last Sunday respectively.

The man was arrested for “burglary”, "Indecent conduct towards child under 16" and “making child pornography”, during which police found the footage of the sexual assault in his phone.

The woman was also arrested for “burglary”, in addition to “possession of dangerous drug” -- after she was found in possession of a small dose of heroin.

At 6 pm on April 1, the two suspects were looking into various apartments in On Tat Estate in Sau Mau Ping, waiting to have a go, police said.

Shortly afterwards, they laid eyes on a girl, after finding her alone in an apartment there.

The two lured her into opening the door, saying they were there to distribute free masks, but to no avail.

They proceeded to threaten the girl for exposing her for owning dogs in a public housing estate, after which she gave in.

The two then ransacked the girl’s apartment, taking away around HK$5,600 worth of valuables -- including around HK$1,300 in cash, gold bracelets and mobile phones.

Meanwhile, the male suspect also sexually harassed the girl, during which he filmed the process with his phone.

The two soon fled the scene.

Later, the frightened girl reported the case to Sau Mau Ping police station on her own.

Sau Mau Ping Division chief inspector Poon Sung-lai said the two suspects, who were just accomplices and did not share special relationships, were active in Sham Shui Po and had several hideouts there.

Asked if photos or videos related to other children falling victims to sexual assaults were found in the male suspect’s phone, he said it would have to be inspected by experts.

“Parents should not leave children home alone...If residents living in Sau Mau Ping have witnessed similar incidents, please contact the police as soon as possible,” he said.

Sau Ma Ping division chief inspector Ma Ling-ho said the victim was a secondary student and had been living with her mother - a single parent.

Ma said police would consult the Department of Justice to see if they would press charges against the victim’s mother for leaving her home alone.

“The Social Welfare Department has sent social workers to contact her family as well as the social worker of the girl’s school for follow-ups,” he said.

Police said details of the male suspect’s sexual assaults would not be revealed in order to protect the victim.

The case has been followed up by the Regional Crime Unit 1 of Sau Mau Ping division, police added.

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