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Sunday, Nov 27, 2022

Brave supermodel exposes the dark side of Victoria's Secret

The business of beauty can be very ugly, especially in the cutthroat world of modelling. It's an industry that wants to portray itself as the epitome of health and happiness. The reality though is anything but. Anorexia, drug use and bullying are as routine as smiling for the cameras. Now a very determined – and brave – Australian supermodel is demanding change, and Bridget Malcolm is starting with the iconic lingerie company that made her famous. Victoria's Secret is renowned for its so-called 'Angels', but she says behind the scenes, 'devils' were at work.

Lori Halderson 341 days ago
There is no other side to the sale of human flesh. These individuals were not selling underwear. They wanted brothers rotting in the next room of their sibling's residence and that is what they accomplished. They are all liars and underwear models are not worth billions under any circumstance. You can no longer buy a sandwich with nutrients from these beast's diseases. Just one of their false doctors forced the trash against me in their brain fragmenting clown court of laws and I am the most faithful abstinent heterosexual on the planet. They are sodomite beasts and the genetics that created them were never apart of this earth...


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