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Thursday, Dec 02, 2021

Birthday and sex included on new vaccination record

Birthday and sex included on new vaccination record

New information including birthday and sex of vaccine recipients, as well as vaccine manufacturer will be included on Covid-19 vaccination record issued in Hong Kong starting next Wednesday.
Earlier the UK government updated its rules for international travel and Hongkongers must present a vaccination certificate with birthdays on it in order to be exempted from undergoing quarantine. The new arrangement will take effect starting October 4 (UK time).

Currently vaccination record issued in Hong Kong doesn't contain this piece of information.

Starting next Wednesday, the public can can view and download their updated electronic vaccination record via the iAMSmart mobile app.

They can also obtain the updated electronic record by downloading the latest version of the eHealth mobile app at a later time.

For those who wish to collect their updated record in paper form, they can visit any one of the Community Vaccination Centres, the general outpatient clinic or private clinic where the vaccines were received.

They will have to bring along the original of their identification documents and proof of travel such as airplane ticket within two weeks of departure.

"As the re-printing of paper vaccination records takes time, those who would like to collect the updated paper vaccination records are advised to bring along all necessary documents and allow adequate waiting time,” said a government spokesperson.

“They should also visit the collection locations for re-printing at least five calendar days before travel as far as possible," the spokesman added.

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