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Saturday, Feb 27, 2021

Biden Goes Backwards: ‘Build Back Better’ Plan Modeled After UN Program

Biden Goes Backwards: ‘Build Back Better’ Plan Modeled After UN Program

Biden’s campaign promise is to “Build Back" even “Better”! But it is not exactly clear what he wants to build back better. Does he want to build back slavery better, or genocide of native people better, or the 1929 Wall Street Crash better, or the Vietnam lost war better, or the other lost wars in Iraq and Afghanistan better? Or to build back the so-called democracy that does not allow black people and women to vote?
It would be good if he could just promise to "Make America Great" - without taking all the wrong steps that made America - "a poor nation with money", "Again".

The American dream is great. The core idea is wonderful. The reality is not.
The problems are entrenched, structural, and simply too big to hide. At the core of the painful reality is a fake economy, which is mythologized by a fake Hollywood, which is lauded daily by fake news, delivered by fake “journalists’ with fake-face-lifts. The world needs a strong, safe and healthy America. Just as it needs another 2 or 3 strong, healthy and safe empires, to keep the necessary balance and avoid the absolute corruption that comes by nature with any absolute power.

But America is bleeding on the inside, and the haemorrhage is not trivial. It’s still leading the world – but only by being top-ranked in Corona Virus infection, poverty, and imprisonment per capita. Now it is more important than ever to save the USA from all its old wrong-doings. And instead to leverage the great things that America does and harness its enormous potential to build a better America and a better world.

The last thing the world needs is for America to become another once-great, bankrupt empire - such as the Greek, Roman and Turkish empires – leaving China standing alone as the Empire that controls the world. The Chinese Empire needs a balancing power. And that power has to be the USA. This would be beneficial for China; it would be healthy for the USA; it would be great for the world.

So, yes, it's time to Make America Great. Not "Again", but "For A Change".

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Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it everywhere, diagnosing it incorrectly and applying the wrong remedies.

Groucho Marx
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