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Saturday, Jul 24, 2021

Baptist Convention leader resigns a minute before he gets on plane

Baptist Convention leader resigns a minute before he gets on plane

Law Hing-choi has resigned as the Chairman of Baptist Convention in Hong Kong just one a minute before he got on board a plane.
The government critic resigned yesterday due to personal reasons, and informed the Convention rather last minute because of sudden availability of a plane seat which allowed him to bring his dog.

Back in 2019 he urged the government to retract the extradition bill. He also once criticized the national security law which came into effect in June 2020.

The Convention announced on their website that Law, whose term is supposed to end on April 30, has resigned as the chairman.

Law said he has been planning to retire and emigrate to the UK, as he couldn’t adapt to the changes Hong Kong went through these few years.

He said that he has been monitoring flights to the UK, yet few allow travelers to bring their pets as well. Last night there was a flight that allowed him to bring his dog, and he immediately flew to the UK with his dog and wife.

Law explained that this is a precious opportunity and he would hate to miss it. Therefore he only informed the convention a minute before he got on board the plane, that he would resign as the chairman.

Law has been the chairman since May 2018, according to the Convention. They also wished Law all the best in his retired life. The chairman position is temporarily filled by vice-chairman Lam Hoi-shing.

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