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Friday, Oct 29, 2021

Arts Centre refuses to compensate Denise Ho over canceled concerts

Hong Kong Arts Centre refused to compensate singer-activist Denise Ho Wan-sze after the center canceled her concert booking, saying Ho “has acted in breach of” terms of the agreement before the concerts were even held.
Ho, known by her stage name HOCC, planned to stage concerts at the center from this Monday to the next Sunday. Yet the center canceled her concert booking, citing public order concerns.

When informing Goomusic Ltd – Ho's record label of the cancellation on August 31, the center said “We would return the rental fee of HK$127,800 to you” in a letter.

However, in today's letter, the center said Ho “has acted in breach of” a clause of the terms of conditions of the agreement.

The clause stated that the center can cancel the booking “where public order or public safety would be endangered during the course of performance of hiring”.

The center said Ho has no basis to claim any loss and damage against them.

Ho said the statement is ridiculous and contradictive, and slammed the center for failing to provide any solid evidence to show that she has acted in breach of any term.

She said this incident has set a bad example as “an organization can solely judge a person guilty or not by one's name”. She also questioned how come the center can cancel a signed agreement as they wish without shouldering any legal responsibilities.

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