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Thursday, Jul 16, 2020

Anti-epidemic action launched in Hong Kong amid Covid-19 outbreak

Anti-epidemic action launched in Hong Kong amid Covid-19 outbreak

Amid the Covid-19 outbreak, Hong Kong Committee for United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF HK) has launched an anti-epidemic action to help 10,000 grassroots families living in subdivided flats with hygiene items and educational resources.
UNICEF HK announced the action, "for every child, hygiene," on March 13, which functioned as part of the global efforts in preventing the spread of the virus and reducing stress and anxiety among children and adolescents.

Under the action, over 100 volunteers trained would share preventative measures to inform children, pregnant women and families to understand how to protect themselves.

Volunteers would conduct home visits to these low-income families and provide hygiene bags with personal care items and educational resources on personal hygiene, disease prevention and control.

UNICEF HK also arranged professional workers to disinfect toilets in subdivided flats by spraying self-sanitizing coating.

Due to lack of resources, fragile grassroots children and families had been exposed to huge risk under the current health crisis, said UNICEF HK chairman Judy Chen.

She thanked efforts and support from all sides to launch "for every child, hygiene," stressing that this action not only benefited the most in need in Hong Kong society but also echoed UNICEF's global action to create a safety net for every child.

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