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Saturday, Jul 24, 2021

A trail running race uses mobile app to time and track runners

Virtual trail running race, The 12 Peaks virtual Race, which used an advanced app-based timing and tracking system ended successfully on Wednesday.
The advanced mobile app helped timing and tracking and used for taking care of the runners attentively. It also increased the engagement of participants.

The organizers used the app to assist participants in the start and finish points every Saturday and Sunday.

The virtual trail running race, organized by Running Biji and Run Population, had two courses with different distances - 56 and 16 kilometres.

The 56 kilometres course, called The 12 Peaks. It passed 12 significant peaks, including Pak Tam Chung, Tai Mo Shan Country Park and Pak Tam Au.

The 56-kilometre men race was competitive, as Nepalese runner Nugo Yam led the race but was later given to a Canadian runner Jeff Campell who left behind at first.

By the third week of the race, Jeff fell to third place, but another two local players Joseph Yeung and Ferdinand Tsang occupied first and second places. They followed in seven hours which was reported as “fast time”.

As for the female champion, Wong Mei-ying finished 56 kilometres in eight hours and 12 minutes.

Another course was 16 kilometres that started from Shing Mun Reservoir, passing through Needle Hill, Grassy Hill and Tai Mo Shan.

The most intense was the 16-kilometre women race. The female champion was won by Leung Ying-suet, who was the first twice.

She finished within one hour and 59 minutes in the evening of the last day and was the only female runner completing the race within two hours.

Another male runner Tsang Chun-kit also got the champion by finishing a 16-kilometre run in one hour and 32 minutes.

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