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Saturday, Sep 25, 2021

A revamped social hub designed for fun

A revamped social hub designed for fun

Famed as a shopping paradise, Hong Kong boasts a great diversity of malls offering daily necessities and eclectic goods to shoppers. In hopes of boosting customer experience, many malls have undergone large-scale renovations in recent years.
Among them is Kai Tin Shopping Centre, the largest mall and famous landmark in the vintage Lam Tin residential area. With a fresh look and a new tenant mix, the mall has joined hand with renowned local artist b.wing to launch its first major event after refurbishment – ‘Key to Fun’, along with a series of new characters and the application of interactive augmented reality (AR) technology.

“In consultation with the mall, I have created a make-believe wonderland where people can have fun,” explains b.wing, “We also aimed at repositioning it as a hub for hipsters and young families.”

In this connection, the mall has assembled a wide array of famous eateries, such as Japanese Akindo Sushiro, Thai restaurant Cha Thai, and western café Crostini, to cater to the varying needs of residents. Additionally, through relocating the stores, the mall now offers more space for setting up pop-up stores to attract diverse new brands, as well as opening up more space for visitors to spend time outdoor.

To realize her objective of bringing positive energy to the community, b.wing has come up with the idea of transforming the mall into a ‘KTopia’, in which her popular character A boy finds the ‘Key to Fun’ in the journey and meets Kaka, a new character that she designed for the mall. “Outgoing and friendly, Kaka represents happiness and is dedicated to spreading positive energy and good fortune to Kai Tin shoppers and residents,” she adds.

As an affectionate local resident with a taste for the good life, Kaka enjoys hosting a sumptuous tea party for her friends and shoppers. To better tie in this new character with the mall, b.wing has created six spots that are the ‘Key to Fun’, and match with the created characters, as well as the various elements of the mall, such as shopping, dining and leisure pursuits.

The six spots include KTopia Garden, where visitors can greet all the characters at the entrance and snap a shot at different photo spots; Cheese Fondue Par-tea to highlight the delicacies served in the mall; Sky Opera that ties in with education trade at Kai Tin; Fairy’s Magic Closet, where visitors can dress up together with the Triplet fairies; Fantastic Flying Book, which relates to the department stores in Kai Tin; and Magic Sweet-Tea, where Kaka is ready for a tea party with her friends.

There will also be a treasure hunt game in which shoppers can earn a chance to redeem exclusive gifts designed by b.wing. Another key attraction is the application of AR technology whereby shoppers can interact with 3D animated A Boy, Kaka and friends.

“The mall’s new look and the event is so designed that every visitor can enjoy a memorable journey at Kai Tin and find their ‘Key to Fun’,” b.wing adds. “Besides the renowned character A Boy, I hope everyone will like my new creations, too.”

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