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Saturday, Dec 10, 2022

A-1 Bakery announces technological breakthroughs for the benefit of customers

First opened in 1985 in Hong Kong, A-1 Bakery has, over the years, won the heart of its customers by keeping a sharp focus on their needs and applied cutting-edge technology to better serve them. In upgrading its investments in digital innovation, A-1 Bakery has become the first retail chain in Hong Kong to install a Bakery Scanner and a Compact Cash Recycling System.
The Bakery Scanner utilizes an AI camera with multi-angle function to identify products, including all bread and cakes, and align all the data in its POS. The electronic system is able to calculate transaction amounts in seconds, thereby simplifying the check-out process for customers. This solution also eases the pressure for shop staff as they no longer have to memorize all the products which may range up to 200 items.

The Bakery Scanner also boasts analytical and learning functions akin to a human. Through repeated transactions and corrections, the system can enhance its identification accuracy rate. By connecting the system to the shop’s POS, factors like discounts and promotions are automatically taken into consideration, removing the need for the staff to input manually.

Electronic payment may be gaining traction in Hong Kong, but cash usage is still very common. By installing the Compact Cash Recycling System, shop staff no longer have to balance the cash drawer as all items are automated.

A-1 Bakery has always placed a high priority on the health and safety of customers and staff, and by installing the system, it has automated the process of receiving and dispensing cash. There has been an overall improvement in hygiene standards as staff no longer have to handle cash at the point of sale. Customers can input cash independently as well as collect their change, if any. Human errors are also minimized, leading to even better staff productivity and customer service.

A-1 Bakery is also targeting to install an ERP system as well as AI camera solutions that can detect the shop’s stock position, and enable it to make real-time adjustment to orders.

To better tailor to customers’ demands, A-1 Bakery will continue to invest in digital solutions to ensure the provision of A-grade service and No. 1 quality products.

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