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Sunday, Oct 02, 2022

12-year-old boy calls on public to donate bone marrow to save mother's life

12-year-old boy calls on public to donate bone marrow to save mother's life

A woman with acute myeloid leukemia needs to find a compatible bone marrow donor for transplantation before September or her life will be at risk. Her family is now calling on the public to find a suitable donor, with her 12-year-old son even publishing a hand-written letter hoping to restore mother’s health and reunite the family.
After suddenly fainting on the streets last October, Eva was sent to the hospital and was discovered to have leukemia. After undergoing chemotherapy and targeted therapy drugs, doctors suggested that she receive a bone marrow transplant.

Initially, she found a suitable donor from South Korea, but the procedure was ultimately canceled due to various reasons. Helen, Eva’s friend from university, explained that the cancellation of the transplantation came as a huge shock and disappointment to family and friends.

After careful consideration, they decided to share Eva’s situation with the public, hoping to find a donor from Hong Kong.

Eva’s son, who has just entered secondary school, wrote an open letter urging the public to register for bone marrow donations which would increase the chances of finding a match for his mother and help other patients at the same time.

Helen revealed that even after being diagnosed with leukemia, Eva maintained her brave personality and continued to be optimistic; never once did she see her friend cry or shed a tear.

During her stay at the hospital, Eva often painted to thank the medical workers who were taking care of her. “There’s a lot of stress from all aspects,” Helen says, “but the family is remaining positive.”

Along with other friends, Helen formed a support group for Eva. Each friend has a different role, some are helping Eva to find a suitable place to live, others spread awareness on social media, and some friends have even registered to donate their bone marrow.

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